On the go.

I am just testing out posting from my phone.

That's right, I have nothing better to do right now, sitting on a train, past midnight, than post to my defunct blog from my phone. Do you have any idea how long it took me to even write this? Pretty damn long.

But at least I'm hip and trendy.


Chris Dances: Take 2

This was Chris attempting to recreate his legendary Sonic Dance at Joe and Betsy's wedding this summer. I don't think he really did it justice.


Sounds Good To Me

Everyone likes music, and they like it more if it's free, and even more if it's also legal. That's why I've been using Pandora for over a year now. But tonight I found a bunch of new sites that are different and in some ways better than Pandora. Try these on for size.

  • Deezer - A French site with fully streaming and searchable tracks. No need to let it shuffle or hope for a song.

  • IMEEM - Similar to Deezer, but includes Warmer Music Group artists, like The Doors and The Flaming Lips, not to mention music videos.

  • Jamendo - Free music downloads, all with Creative Commons liscensing, so you can do whatever you want with the songs; mix, mash-up, soundtrack a movie. Pretty cool.

Ok, I've got some music to go listen to.


The End of an Era

Last. School. Day. Ever.

It hasn't really sunk in yet that my childhood is forever gone; I am now and forevermore a "real" person. I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not. I'll probably figure it out in a few days after I'm done making up by drinking all the beers and doing all the nothing I haven't been doing this term.

On another note entirely...


I don't usually get behind causes and preach them, but this is kind of a big deal. Net radio as we know it will shut down on May 15th without some serious public outcry. Check out the site, call your Congressmen (seriously, it's not hard) and help ensure that musical diversity and innovation can continue with the strength its had since the beginning of Net Radio.


Video Applications Are Cool

So I am playing around with this Brightcove Video thing a bit. Let's see if this works...

And yes, that is good old Chris doin' his Sonic Dance.


Boomshine Baby

This is my new favorite game. Ever.

I got a final score of 255. Hooray me.


Rocks and Grass.

We've been seeing more of the surrounding area here over the past couple weeks. Yosemite and Tahoe kicked tons of ass. Yosemite had some of the biggest rocks I've ever seen. That may not be your cup o' tea, but I think that rocks, well, rock. There's a reason why I always rock out.

We met our first really lousy weather in Tahoe, which is a bummer, because I wanted to go skiing. But instead, we gambled; I actually came out dead even, which is far better than I expected.